Malayalam Christmas Carol songs Lyrics PDF Download

Come the festive season, the air in Kerala fills with the euphonious voices of carol singers. The state boasts a rich tradition of Christmas hymns in the native tongue Malayalam. To help devotees sing along during the Yuletide celebrations, I have created a downloadable PDF with lyrics of popular Malayalam carols.

This compilation contains joyful tunes like “Jingle Bells Priyappetta” and “Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town” in a printable format. As we prepare to welcome the nativity of Jesus Christ, this text with lyrics allows everyone to join in the merry-making with soulful carols in their own language.
The attached file offers the words to these melodious Christmas songs that have been passed down for generations as part of Kerala’s native musical heritage.

Malayalam Christmas Carol songs Lyrics PDF

As promised, attached is the downloadable PDF containing lyrics for beloved Malayalam Christmas hymns. This handy compilation presents songs like “Santa Alleluia” and “Kurisum Koodaram” in an easy-to-access format.

By sharing this text, I hope to enable more people to join in the festive singing of beautiful carols in Kerala’s native language. Do use and share this resource to sing along melodiously in this joyous yuletide season.


I hope this compilation of popular Malayalam Christmas song lyrics helps devotees reconnect through melodious hymns this holiday season. Feel free to download and share this PDF with family, friends and carol groups in your community.

United through traditional carols, may our voices ring loudly in glorious praise of Christ’s birth. This collection aims to promote and preserve Kerala’s special yuletide singing traditions for future generations. Please spread this resource so more can join in the festive cheer.

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