Abirami Anthathi Lyrics in English PDF

Goddess Abirami embodied as the divine consort of Lord Shiva is worshipped for her compassion, beauty and wisdom. Abirami Anthathi composed by Abirami Pattar is a cherished devotional poem of 100 verses adorned in praise of the goddess.

Sung majestically in Tamil for over 300 years in her temples, it is a moving hymn that illustrates Abirami as the motherly refuge for all.
In this blog post, I present the complete translation of the meaningful Abirami Anthathi lyrics in downloadable English text pdf format for spiritually inclined readers.

Originally woven with intricate metaphors by Abirami Pattar in the 17th century, this English version allows English speakers to partake in the divine glory of the goddess through her much extolled 100 verses.

Abirami Anthathi Lyrics in English PDF

I am pleased to provide the complete Abirami Anthathi lyrics translated in English in an accessible PDF format for readers.
This allows English speakers to imbibe the divine wisdom and goddess devotion within Abirami Pattar’s original 100 Tamil verses praising Goddess Abirami.

Chanting her glory through these meaningful English lyrics will grant the grace and blessings of the compassionate Abirami Ambal on devotees. Do download the Abirami Anthathi pdf and lose yourself in bhakti.


The Abirami Anthathi is a revered devotional Tamil poem comprising 100 verses adoring Goddess Abirami. I have presented the full English lyrics translation in a downloadable PDF for our English readers.

These profoundly beautiful verses will immerse you in Abirami bhakti when recited with devotion. Do share this nectar-like PDF with friends so more can receive Mother Abirami’s divine blessings through her glory articulated melodiously by Abirami Pattar.

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